15 Eylül 2008 Pazartesi

Harvard'da Sosyal Sorumluluk Eğitimi

Değerli Arkadaşlarım,

Bugünlerde iletişimin frekansını artırdığımın farkındayım ama gözüme çarpanların çöp sepetine gitmesine gönlüm razı olmuyor. Bir de sizlerden gelen geri bildirim iletişim yoğunluğunu daha değerli kılıyor.
Harvard Business School’da bir sosyal sorumluluk programı var. Aşağıda ön bilgisini aktarıyorum. Dileyen arkadaşlarım http://www.exed.hbs.edu/programs/csr/’dan ayrıntılı bilgiye ulaşabilirler. Biraz pahalı olmakla birlikte (6.000 USD) içerik olarak anlamlı geldi. 15-18 ekim 2008 tarihlerindeki bu programı bilgilerinize sunuyorum.



Corporate Social Responsibility
Strategies to Create Business and Social Value

Designed to help senior executives integrate social responsibility with corporate business strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) explores the opportunities and challenges related to investment decisions. You will learn how to improve economic performance while contributing to society.

What You Can ExpectThis executive education program explores both current and next-generation models of corporate social responsibility. You will discover how to align corporate culture with social responsibility strategies and measure their impact on the organization—and on the bottom line.

What You Can Expect

Through an in-depth exploration of the dilemmas, challenges, and complexities inherent to current models of corporate social responsibility, the program will push the frontiers of the field and bring into focus the next generation of issues facing practitioners. You will learn how to:
· Understand the effects of strategic corporate social responsibility—its benefits and its costs
· Drive corporate social responsibility throughout the organization, integrating it with corporate strategy, decision making, and risk assessment
· Realign corporate culture with corporate social responsibility strategies
· Understand the political context of operations, and successfully interact and communicate with governments, NGOs, and key stakeholders
· Ensure that systems are in place for both avoiding potential damaging events and mitigating the effects of a crisis after it has occurred
· Identify and explore the most critical emerging issues facing the field of corporate social responsibility in the next decade
How Will My Organization Benefit?
Executive Education programs at Harvard Business School are a significant investment for both you and your organization. Going far beyond the basic transmission of skills and theories, each program provides applicable lessons in the classroom that can be implemented successfully within your organization. You will acquire a fresh perspective on global business from our groundbreaking curriculum, world-renowned faculty, and an accomplished group of elite peers from around the world.

Your Course of StudyBy examining the link between society and the organization, the program addresses the challenge of integrating social values and corporate values. The curriculum emphasizes how to negotiate terms of investment, manage risk and decision making, and measure performance.

Who Is Right for the ProgramThe program is for senior executives in charge of socially responsible corporate programs or who oversee areas such as public affairs, philanthropy, environmental health and safety, or community affairs. Senior corporate officers with P&L responsibilities that include CSR-related dimensions may also apply.

Your Course of Study

Through case analyses, faculty lectures, classroom exercises, small group discussions, and exposure to the latest research, HBS faculty help senior executives to develop and manage strategic corporate social responsibility initiatives that integrate with their business practices and produce measurable results. In addition, you will have numerous opportunities to learn from the varied experiences and global perspectives of your peers.

Core topics include:

Managing for Social and Firm Values
· Making the business case by calculating benefits and costs
· Recognizing the links between the welfare of society and that of the organization
· Proactively examining opportunities designed to benefit the organization and the community
· Integrating corporate social responsibility best practices into key business areas
· Identifying and managing the primary positive as well as negative impacts
Driving Corporate Social Responsibility Throughout the Organization
· Aligning corporate social responsibility strategies and goals with organizational goals
· Embedding corporate social responsibility within the company culture for long-term sustainability
· Integrating corporate social responsibility metrics into the company's general performance management systems
· Effectively disseminating information on corporate social responsibility policies internally
· Providing continual company-wide visibility of the individual and departmental impacts from socially responsible practices
· Communicating the impact of corporate social responsibility to capital markets, shareholders, and other stakeholders
Managing Risk and Decision Making
· Evaluating complex environments and potential impacts before making capital investment or other business decisions
· Interacting successfully with governments, NGOs, and stakeholders
· Decentralizing to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach across the organization
· Identifying vulnerabilities and predicting possible pitfalls
· Developing preparation and prevention processes for handling crisis scenarios
· Integrating corporate social responsibility initiatives in vendor and supplier agreements

Dates and Fees
October 15–18, 2008

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